I first manifested without even knowing it.

I was creating dream life scenarios with my best friend at the time, L.

I was in my last year in high-school.

We were pretending to be pirates at sea, holding mermaids captive, drinking lots of rum and tea on our ship, loving the blue color tone of the waves, and imagining our cat cafe in Romania.

Definitely not knowing this, but now aware of the fact that I am an unspecific manifestor, through the feelings I got by visualizing all of this, I manifested a grand opportunity of doing a 4 week-end brunch (I was passionate about cooking), all paid for and in collaboration with a large bank in Romania supporting youth in entrepreneurship and sustenability.

But my life was mostly lived in dissatisfaction. I was quite depressed, rebellious, skipping school and unsupported by my family through my early childhood trauma and many emotional aspects of my being in did not reveal often, nor could i name easily.

Yes, there were many things wrong in my life. But there were also some aspects that were good, like my quirky friendship with L.

It was an accute internal knowing I had to change something, but it wasn’t until I watched the movie “The secret” in 2012 (age 19) that I finally felt like life made sense:

You don’t have to work hard to get what you want, you simply have to manifest it.

First thing I did after watching it was I manifested 25$ from my dad in 20 mins.

The Universe was proving me I could do it.

But then, the more I tried, the harder it seemed. Years passed by, and it became my job to manifest, instead of my nature and doing it for fun.

After many years and many failed, disappointing attempts at manifesting and many limiting beliefs deconstructed, I heard the words “manifesting routine” from somewhere,, maybe youtube.

I knew this was my way to manifest.

I created one for myself, and I religiously followed it.

7 days later, I was moving apartments with 2k extra in my pocket.

I have actually manifested 2 more apartments (and moves into them) before, 2 k before, a whole year being paid for everything i needed, and many other things.

But every time it was a 30 day challenge or a daily practice.

With limiting beliefs about money and relationships removed, I started manifesting limitless abundance, a life many would die for, clothes, shoes, nail polish, lotions, candles, jewelery, warmth, bills paid for and the ability to manifest certain things almost instantly.

This combined with the trust in the Universe that everything happens in divine timing, and we cannot force our journey into accomplishing our biggest desires as fast as we would sometimes want to, but we can love, enjoy and be grateful for our daily manifestations and the connection we receive.

But of course, my closed ones weren’t as fond of manifestation as I was, speaking negativity, making me believe in that,, by repeating it constantly while I tried my best to not let it get me.

But it did.

However I still fought hard and the next chance I got, I got my journal out and scripted positivity and reshifted my belief system, so that I also have a supportive environment.

And it happened. Just like magick.

Everything started aligning with me.

And of course, I still face challenges, I still have off days.

And I embrace all of them and let them be.

Because I am perfect as I am, always.

I choose to trust God on this one belief.

Or just myself.

Of course everyone wanted to tell me what to do, and how to view life, but I never gave up.

Manifested friends on the same vibe with me that help me manifest and share their experiences.

However the worst of it was when my closed ones completely doubted that I will have an apartment to live in and they were all visualizing me homeless and broke.

I shouted I am rich and abundant and I will forever be.

I lowered my toned and I said “Just trust God. Everything is always going to be ok.”

Now I’m not religious nor do I judge any religion or form of spirituality, but I do believe in God.

The result? I got my apartment, a 90 square meter apartment that is incredibly beautiful and that I am moving in 2 months. It is mine..

I can manifest moving faster, but I don’t want t, I want the people living there take their time.

In fact, I really enjoy spending time with my mom in her home until then, talking, sharing, and doing fun things together.

Here it is warm, cozy, inviting, and full of blessings. I really love it so I am very grateful.

I realized without limiting beliefs and with daily practice, I am the most powerful manifestor there is (in my world), and I can defeat any challenge and persist and still make whatever I desire happen.

I manifest shocking to others things every day, if I affirm something out loud, it happens exactly like that.

I am seeing incredible shifts in my clients, too, because guess what? I learned so much about manifesting and defeating the limiting beliefs in 10 years of manifesting trial and error and then success, that I felt from my heart to help others. I really enjoy doing this, it feels powerful, life changing and catalytical in the best way.

Clients are moving mountains and I am really proud of them and love them.

For me one thing I am yet to manifest is my dream of moving to a NYC penthouse and living there, however the visions of it are clear now without a hint of darkness.

I am in the vibrational vecinity of it manifesting, I am simply letting go and letting it unfold as I manifest different things and become also 100% prepared to move.

I am happy I have found my way, in spite of my father teaching me life is hard work, everyone in my environment being unsupportive before, my own moods, belief that manifesting is hard, all kinds of ‘stuff’ popping up in day to day life.

I am glad I never stopped, and that is something I wish everyone did when they followed their dreams, and am willing to share tips on that.

I also embraced my worthiness, deserveability, ability to receive, lack of fear of money, and all the reasons to not keep money and desires away.

I am willing to help people and guide them to my process.

A process that took my 10 years, can be easily solidified in 3 months of working with me because I synthethize it and with my awesome intuition guide you to the easiest viewpoint as a result, you, too can start finding manifesting easy, knowing saying 1-2 affirmations is enough, trusting in the Universe and not fearing in any way money or your desires.