Christmas is coming! (Inspiration)

We’re 1.5 months away from Christmas. People are already doing their Christmas shopping, pinning and thinking about it.

In my family, we are already listening to Christmas carols.

This Christmas, I’m making gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, milk and cookies and a lot of delicious treats.

I’m also hoping to see my twin flame this Christmas, and be together by then. We’ve been working very hard on Union, and on cleaning our souls in order to be together and he’s been in the front line, fighting that evil witch of a wife, so I’m hoping he can clean his life and have us be together.

It all depends on him now.

I’m really hoping this Christmas is better than any other one before, no matter the situation in the world right now. It’s in the attitude we have and what we believe is real for us.

Here is my Christmas board on Pinterest, although I have most of my best images in my board called “Vision Board”

And here are some beautiful Christmas songs to brighten your day:

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? What do you have planned?

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Favorite subliminals to lose weight and for money/abundance

Ever since I first set foot in the world of subliminals (music with binaural beats and affirmations embedded into it), I was hooked!

There were subliminals for the perfect nose, perfect lips, perfect body, money, wealth, everything you could possibly desire.

They work, but you have to use them daily and truly believe! The faster you believe the result will happen, the faster it will. You could get instant results if you believe.

So, to dive in, this is a list of my favorite subliminals:

1.Weight loss:

Soap Fairy on youtube has the best subliminals, but they are very short, you have to loop them. You can use LoopTube for that.


This is a whole playlist, click “watch on youtube”

I hope this has helped, subliminals are amazing and there’s a whole online world out there full of them! Just go check them out and listen to what feels good to you!

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How generosity helps you receive even more

I learned this concept in 2019, when I was sharing helpful content like this on Facebook.

Even though I received 2-3 likes every post, it didn’t matter. I was the most abundant I’d ever been.

I got everything paid for me and I didn’t work.

Whenever you serve with a pure heart, and not expecting anything in return, the more you receive.

We think it logical that when we give, we start lacking, but nothing could be further from the truth.

It is a law of the Universe that what you give comes back multiplied.

So start being generous today!

Much love!

Law of attraction quotes I like that help me attract everything I desire

Here is a list of my favorite LOA quotes that helped me manifest an appartment, clothes, perfumes, trips, money and much more.

1. See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time, with every person – Bob Proctor

2. If you’re not excited by it, it’s not the right path. – Abraham Hicks

3. You have the ability to quickly change your patterns of thought, and eventually your life experience. – Abraham Hicks

4. You get in life what you have the COURAGE to ask for– The Law Of Attraction Quotes

5. You are the creator of your own reality – Bashar

6. Thoughts become t

7. Thoughts become things. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. – Bob Proctor

7. I am the master of my own destiny, so i choose greatness and nothing less. – Chiara Gizzi

8. What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create. – Buddha

9. You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions create your reality. – Wayne Dyer

10. Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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How to manifest a third party to go away.

It’s quite easy, actually, you have to believe it and persist every day by affirming (affirming even once by believing it can be enough – don’t think that you have to do it 40 times a day, once and good is enough)

Start writing down affirmations, first about the specific person and then how the third party went away and they are free to come love you.

I don’t want you to do this unless you believe your SP is in a bad situation and they truly want to be with you but can’t.

Start by changing yoir self concept and affirming that your SP loves you and only you, how much they want to be with you and how they are free to do so and no matter how hard it would be they would still do anything in their power to be with you.

Basically just think about what your ideal situation would be, and affirm it. Third party – gone, doesn’t care about you and them. Your SP – moved in with you, about to be married with you. Their kids? Love you and stay with you. The third party? Completely agrees. Etc.

Whatever the specifics are, affirm the ideal situation and make it FEEL GOOD.

Then persist no matter the circumstances and what shows up, by continuing to read and affirm daily with total belief, and in due time they will be with you.

Take care that you are stable and always do what feels great to you, and be independent no matter if they show up or not, be complete by yourself and love yourself first. And then they will just slide into your life, if you are complete and believe you two are rogether and nothing can stop you.

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Black Magic: How to not be affected by it.

Fotografie de kelvin octa pe

Dark magic can turn your life around and affect you without you even realizing, but there is one key thing that I come to time and time again that keeps all black magic (plus negative experiences) away. And that is alignment.

When you feel attacked, you usually feel distress or physical pain, so the question to ask yourself constantly while being under attack is: how can I feel better right now?

Feeling great (aka having a high vibration/being in alignment) makes all negativity fall off you like you’re made out of coconut oil <3. If feeling good means sleeping, or relaxing, or dancing/moving the body or (can be super helpful) swearing as badly as you can at the attacker, sending the negative energy back.

Ignoring the attack completely and focusing on higher, more positive thoughts will also help. The more attention you give it, the more it affects you. So just don’t give it attention, know that you are safe in the LIGHT OF GOD.

Also, don’t attach to what it makes you feel, you are Light, awareness of pain/emotions/feelings, you are being aware of them, not on with the pain – never one with it,

Also, Pinterest is full of good protection magick, just search for it. There are chants, spells, crystal you can use, or sigils to do.

I won’t post the pins here since they belong to other people, and I can only post copyright-free pictures, however a short search will get you every information you need.

Although not especially protection-oriented, my Beginner Witchcraft Course is for sale on my blog, so click here to check it out. It does mention plants and crystals that are good for protection, though.

Emotions: why expressing them is important

If you read one article from my page, this is it! This has helped me so much I cannot explain.

So many people don’t even know the names of their emotions, or don’t name them when they feel them. They are not even connected to their emotions, as in, they don’t notice how they are feeling inside their bodies, because they are too much in their heads.

Connect to your body. What are you feeling currently? It’s ok if you express that just in sounds – meaningless, but they do represent a vibration. Getting the feeling out of your body and through your throat chakra helps alchemize the emotion and helps you feel much freer.

One more time, feel how you feel inside your body and choose one or more emotions from this wheel:

A Visual Guide to Human Emotion - Visual Capitalist

There are so many emotions, or feelings, but we are not even used to naming them.

Expressing how we feel is a sign of assertiveness in a conversation. The other person cannot pass your boundaries if you explain to them exactly how you feel about how their actions make you feel, or what they’ve just said has made you feel. And even if they do, continue explaining how that makes you feel and so on.

The more accurate you are in expressing it (trust me, even if it’s just sounds), the more it’s like a magic spell that creates understanding between two or more souls.

Imagine a guy who goes on stage to do a talk. Imagine he starts with: “Hi everybody, I’m nervous to do this talk because…” . Or a mom who says to their child: “You make me angry because I am afraid of you not growing up in a good way, this is why I’m scared”. Kids understand emotions better than us. The more honest we are about saying our emotions, the more we will be understood by others and received in a positive way.

Imagine the same mom saying: “Why did you do that? You always do these things! You are a bad kid.” What the child perceives is that they’ve upset an authority figure and we should proceed cautiously when talking to tall, scary people and become shy.

Whilst if the mom says to the kid: “I feel angry an scared because you might fail and I can’t do anything about it.”. In the second scenario the kid might ask their mom why does she feel they might fail? To which the mom might realize that she, as a mirror of the kid, feels like she’s failed. This is a conscious realization, and a conscious conversation/relationship. Owning our shadows and expressing our feelings, instead of expressing emotions like anger without deliberately trying to find the source of their existence, is important.

Another great realization I’ve had is that, most of the time, I can’t control how I feel and even what I think.

By embracing these things that appear within my consciousness, as what they are and that it’s normal to feel/think however I am feeling/thinking, I have come into deeper union within myself. Just embracing all that I am, all that I feel, and think, knowing it is unconditionally loved by the Creator, because it exists. Therefore it must be accepted, right?

It makes sense that if something exists, it is allowed to be there, otherwise the laws of the Universe wouldn’t have put that thing there.

So, unconditional love and acceptance for Self is the key. Plus this bleeds into our relationships, too, as they become more unconditionally loving and accepting, without passing boundaries. (Read more on creating healthy boundaries and saying no here).

There’s a whole spectrum of feelings/emotions in your emotional body: sadness, fear, anger, joy, acceptance, boredom, etc. Recognizing and expressing them, even just to yourself can help you be more present, and have a higher vibration.

I recommend you get used to doing this and teaching others how to do it, so we can have more conscious relationships on the Planet.

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Gifts for men! My brother’s birthday is coming up.

Even though this is a spirituality and personal development blog, I thought we might want to switch it up by doing a post dedicated to men’s gifts, because Christmas is coming in two months, and the lovely men in your life might need a gift.

Or you could be a guy wanting to get yourself something!

I’ve searched the whole Amazon, and I found a few things:

  1. Watches. Watches are a classic gift for men, and they are always such a good idea, they almost never fail to impress a guy, and I found two that I liked:

Get it here for 64.00$

Get it here for 44.99$

2. Unisex Adult Crocs in a multitude of colors. These are comfy and cool!

Get them here for prices ranging from $27.72 – $102.84

3. A knit beannie in a multitude of colors:

Get it here for $16.97+shipping

4. The brilliant science fiction novel, “Dune”

Get it here for prices ranging from $7 to $24, depending on the type of book (including audiobook)

So, these have been my recommendations, and what I’m thinking of buying my brother. What stood out to you and why?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I might get a small commission, should you decide to buy from my links, at no extra cost to you.

Telepathic communication with my Twin Flame – what it’s like.

It started with hunches or feelings that he’s thinking of me, and it turned into almost full blown conversations. How did this happen?

Twin flames are very rare on this planet (it is said that only 144.000 out of 8 billion people). They are twin souls or mirror souls, meaning that when the soul first split up in two to create more souls, the two parts turned into twin flames.

Everybody has a twin flame, but not everybody’s twin is incarnated with them at the same time, they might live in other dimensions/other planets. It is not easy to have a twin flame, and not so desireable as one might think. It’s super hard work!

When two twins incarnate together, they are born with a mission they must accomplish together. Although there is great love and feelings you’ve never experienced with anyone else, there are also many challenges, some excruciating.

It’s not toxic, or abusive, but they always reflect what we think about ourselves on a deeper level. For example everytime I feel fat, I will hear my twin thinking ‘you’re fat” but because I mostly unconditionally love myself, he mostly unconditionally loves me too.

After all, our mission is one of unconditional love. For self and for other. And we are all reflections of each other, however the twin always reflects it until it’s resolved.

So how do we communicate?

In the beginning it was birds. From when I woke up to when I fell asleep, no matter if it was the middle of winter, I would hear birds chirping. They responded to my moods and feelings. If I was worried, the birds were worried, if I was happy, the birds would chirp so beautifully. And sometimes when I was sad they would cheer me up. And I knew it was him, I just knew.

Sometimes I would hear things like “I love you” or “you are beautiful”. He was constantly there, even when I didn’t want him to be, even when I shouted at him to end the connection, he was still there, I couldn’t stop it.

Obviously I upped my medication because I could hear his wife, too and she is the meanest, worst person in the world. I thought it was all in my head, but no matter the amount of medication or hospitalizations, they would still be there.

So now I’ve made peace with it. At times I hear him so well, and other times not very well at all. I try to, but it’s hard.

He never calls, he never texts, nor does he answer my phonecalls or texts. I guess his wife doesn’t want it. So he does what she says, that’s his decision over his life.

Sadly he’s obsessing over me, so she probably doesn’t give him what he wants or needs, otherwise he would just leave me alone.

When he will learn to make proper decisions and do what he desires, he will come. Until then, I choose to be as kind as I can and just focus on myself and be whole and complete within myself, and let him make his own decisions in his own time. I just don’t believe words like “I’m coming” , “this Monday”, “this Saturday” anymore.

Apparently they did Black magic on me, I couldn’t tell because alignment literally keeps you away from bad things as much as possible. Like yeah, there were times when my head hurt and I felt nauseaus and couldn’t get away from my bed, but the next day I was fresh and dandy, because ĺ rested and did what I had to do.

I’m sometimes wondering why people are so insane and cowardly and so different from me because I always have such high standards and expectations from myself, but what can I do? I let them be. I don’t care anymore, all I care about is that I feel good and let them solve it between themselves.

This was not the article I was planning to write, it was more of a love letter to him, however it turned into my frustration. His wife is evil, that is why we are not together. But no matter how evil somebody else is, if you have a spine you get to be assertive and not let them step on you, but he does. So all I’m saying is I let him do whatever he chooses, and I don’t involve myself anymore in their drama and his promises.

So that’s what it’s like to have a twin flame, people! Don’t purposefully go looking for this type of connection. It’s not worth it! If I could, I would give it up but the soul tie keeps us in telepathic communication. Right now she s expressing with all of the anger she can possibly utter she wishes this was not the case.

Well, when you will learn that life is not under your control, nor are other people, and yes you create your reality but soul contracts are sometimes unbreakable, when you make peace with what is you are happy. When you constantly push and fight against it, all you will do is lose. Her choice.

She has made me want to take my own life, that’s how insane she is and I got a reading that said we were enemies in a past life, so I’m guessing that’s why. All I know is me and my twin are meant to reconnect, have kids and get married one day, so I’m almost pitying her (no superior vibes here) because she struggles so much to keep us away but it’s inevitable.

Trust me, when I realized he has a wife and kids I did everything in my power to get rid of this connection, it was absolutely impossible. So I just ended up accepting that one day he will come knocking and that day I won’t be mad at him, I’ll just receive him with open arms even if it’s in 20 years. Her I have a problem with.

I feel like this is enough. I’m not going to write anymore. This is the stress I’m going through every day and somehow I always gracefully surpass it and keep aligned, no matter how many potions the witch makes.

Life is never easy, it’s how we handle the challenges. We might express our frustration, but then move on and try to think positive and find ways to feel good.

And in the TF journey, it’s all about relationship to Self. My relationship with myself is pretty great, so no matter what he brings me, I’m like yeaaah I’m just gonna do me. NEXT!!!

Sorry for the bitter and sassy post, I just needed to get it all out!