The Creative, Self Loving and Visible Leader

(3 month programme with year long group access)

What you will get:

🧚‍♀️10 90 MINUTE ZOOM CALLS (1 every 9 days starting 3d of January)

– 2 on manifestation: 1 on the exact strategy that I used to create 30k+ months in my business (and it is so simple that I only need 1 zoom call to help you understand it, but you will need to be good on all the following to actually make it your reality, and you can do the course while you apply it) and 1 on LOA (including uprooting  limiting beliefs surrounding money, but also how to actually manifest it)

– 2 on courage/visibility as an online femmepreneur (tips to unlock blocks, ancestral wounds around visibility, tips to become completely transparent as a being and have no fear or shame surrounding the value of your work)

– 2 on creativity : in the first one we will sing, dance, paint, do drums together to unleash our creative powers and in the second one we will discuss strategies to create creative content that sells by itself

– 2 on the grit and patience needed as an entrepreneur (how to never stop and achieve all of your desires no matter how hard it gets) – this will include many aspects that helped me succeed, like meditation techniques, alignment, boundaries – all the things you need to learn and to have patience to learn before actually succeeding.

– 2 on self love to get positive reflections from clients and potential clients. Many techniques, tips, a few rituals and a little magick 😉

🧚‍♀️ 52 (fun to do) homeworks every week for the rest of the year

🧚‍♀️ 3 coaching calls in the span of the 3 months on courage/visibility/self-love/patience/manifestation

🧚‍♀️ year long access in the group with support – answers to all of your questions

🧚‍♀️ bonus 4 x 1 hr lives after the first 90 days

🧚‍♀️Q&A inside the zoom calls and lives

🧚‍♀️ Extra: watchparties on zoom of enlightening movies with afterward discussion

TOTAL PRICE : 3333$ (-1667$ OFF from the last group that took this course)

PAYMENT PLAN : 1222$ x 3 months

To get access, pay here —> PayPal and message me on Facebook with the name on the card or PayPal account/make a note on the payment with your name on Facebook so I can find you.