Favorite subliminals to lose weight and for money/abundance

Ever since I first set foot in the world of subliminals (music with binaural beats and affirmations embedded into it), I was hooked!

There were subliminals for the perfect nose, perfect lips, perfect body, money, wealth, everything you could possibly desire.

They work, but you have to use them daily and truly believe! The faster you believe the result will happen, the faster it will. You could get instant results if you believe.

So, to dive in, this is a list of my favorite subliminals:

1.Weight loss:

Soap Fairy on youtube has the best subliminals, but they are very short, you have to loop them. You can use LoopTube for that.


This is a whole playlist, click “watch on youtube”

I hope this has helped, subliminals are amazing and there’s a whole online world out there full of them! Just go check them out and listen to what feels good to you!

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How to lose weight using the Law of Attraction (part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1 of this article, click here to read it.

As for part 2, here it goes:

One part of manifesting that is overlooked is insistence, or persistence.

People think that if they’ve said an affirmation once or twice, or for a day or two, it’s supposed to work and if it hasn’t, the LOA doesn’t work.

There is value in deciding to make this a priority for at least 30 days, if you want to see results.

So for the next 30 days, what can you do to attract a slimmer, more confident figure?

My best results have come from repetition. Repeat and affirm daily: “Oh my God, I have lost so much weight, look at how much weight I have already lost, I am so slim and look so great, I have the perfect body”, even when your outer reality confirms the opposite.

People think that if that’s not already the case, that is not how their current realities look, it means they are lying or not telling the truth.

However another big part of manifesting what is NOT already here, is ignoring the current circumstances.

So – don’t look in the mirror, don’t weigh yourself for 30 days. Simply affirm and reaffirm, knowing that in a parallel reality your desire is already achieved, and since it’s parallel, it is also completely available in the NOW moment.

In the last article, I shared my three favorite affirmation and subliminal channels on Youtube, however today I’m going to talk about a different, even more efficient way to use affirmations, and that is recording your own affirmations, putting them on repeat and listening to them overnight.

Most recording apps have a Loop/Repeat option, and I am one to listen to my own recorded affirmations very often.

When you record affirmations, make sure you have them written on a blank page, so you can read from the page.

Also, make sure they feel good inside your body when you write/read them.

Make sure they are written in the present tense, without using negation, and make sure you get yourself into the feeling of your desire being already achieved NOW when you write them/read them. For example, I might record something like this: “Oh man, I’m so happy NOW that I have my ideal body, I feel so skinny and beautiful, everybody admires my slim and healthy body, everybody compliments me on how much weight I have lost, and I feel so damn good in my body. I am beautiful!” and I would continue on, FEELING like I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I’m in the perfect body for me and I’m using as many words and descriptions as possible to describe how it feels to be inside it, and how it looks to me and others.

If English is not your native language, you can pick from recording the affirmations in English, or in your native language. Sometimes our subconscious works better in our native language, since that’s the language we first learned.

There are three steps when saying affirmations: The first step is saying it without believing it, the next step is saying it enough that you believe it. The last step is believing it and letting it go, so it can manifest.

Don’t expect to have lost 10 kgs/20 pounds in a night while listening to affirmations, but expect to lose after the affirmations have gained momentum, and your subconscious mind trully believes you are slim and healthy. Make losing 1 to 2 pounds per night reasonable, even though you could lose even more, but just to keep your expectations reasonable.

You can also use recording affirmations for other desires, like money, a home, or anything else you desire, however I strongly urge you to focus on one thing at once, for at least 30 days, because focusing on too many things at once could be detrimental.

Hope this helps! Tell me if you want me to write a part 3 to this. And tell me if this is working for you!

Remember, sometimes your brain needs to believe it is losing weight, so if you feel like these 5 star rated suplements could help you believe more, by all means check them out.

Don’t forget to work on limiting beliefs while you listen to the affirmations, so feel into what comes up as negative when you listen to your ideal in the NOW. Think deeply about what keeps you from achieving your ideal weight, don’t just let your conscious and subconscious mind fight inside your body, but make sure you work on beliefs, and if you need more help working on subconscious beliefs, read my article on how to do it here.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, therefore I might get a small comission should you decide to buy from these links, at no extra cost to you ❤.

How to lose weight using the Law of Attraction (part 1)

Losing weight is an issue that many people on this planet are facing, and part of the reason we are still facing it is because we believe what we ingest makes us gain weight.

You heard me! The food you eat does not make you gain weight, it’s how you see it.

A little more on this later, but let me first tell you the second reason why people gain weight, especially women: to protect themselves from unwanted advances.

Somehow we believe that if we look less atractive, we won’t be victims to possible rape (it’s also a past life issue), advances we don’t know how to turn down, etc.

A third reason is we equate the pleasure we get from eating to the pleasure and excitement we would love to get elsewhere.

A good way to get over this is to journal what trully gives you excitement in life (aside from food) and start implementing those actions in your day to day life.

So whenever you want to eat excessively, you have your list of things that give you MORE pleasure than eating. Once you do those, you will see the hunger disappears.

So, as I promised I’m going to now talk about the first reason people gain weight, and that is believing their food makes them gain.

A guy I know once told his audience that “you can basically ingest a gallon of toxic waste and still be perfectly healthy, if your mind believes it”, reason being everything is devoid of meaning, including a gallon of toxic waste, and it only takes on the meaning that we assign to it.

This quote resonated deeply within me, since it is something I intuitively believed my entire life. Our mind creates the reality we perceive, and we can change that reality by what we believe about it

Therefore at some point in my journey I started repeating to myself “food makes you lose weight” and repeated with every single food that I believed would make me gain like bread, pastry, etc, that it makes me lose weight.

Plus, I repeated to myself inspite even nasty comments from other People that “I am slim” and inspite my own beliefs and thoughts that said otherwise.

Now I must admit, I haven’t spent A LOT of time doing this, so the results are for now me not gaining weight even though I eat a lot, but that’s good enough. From the way I am currently eating, I should be probably around 200 pounds when in reality I weigh much less.

There are also great ways to lose weight like listening to subliminals and affirmations over night repeatedly, for long periods of time (minimum 30 days)

Two of my favorite YouTube subliminal/affirmation creators are Dylan James (affirmations) and Serenity Now Mindful Meditation (subliminals). For subliminals, I also like and use Beauty Krystallized.

To read part 2 of this article and learn even more about this subiect, click here.

Remember, sometimes your brain needs to believe it is losing weight, so if you feel like these 5 star rated suplements could help you believe more, by all means check them out.

What have been your experiences with weight loss and the LOA? Comment below!

Disclaimer: this article contains affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy through my links, I might get a small comssion, at no extra cost to you ❤.