Black Magic: How to not be affected by it.

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Dark magic can turn your life around and affect you without you even realizing, but there is one key thing that I come to time and time again that keeps all black magic (plus negative experiences) away. And that is alignment.

When you feel attacked, you usually feel distress or physical pain, so the question to ask yourself constantly while being under attack is: how can I feel better right now?

Feeling great (aka having a high vibration/being in alignment) makes all negativity fall off you like you’re made out of coconut oil <3. If feeling good means sleeping, or relaxing, or dancing/moving the body or (can be super helpful) swearing as badly as you can at the attacker, sending the negative energy back.

Ignoring the attack completely and focusing on higher, more positive thoughts will also help. The more attention you give it, the more it affects you. So just don’t give it attention, know that you are safe in the LIGHT OF GOD.

Also, don’t attach to what it makes you feel, you are Light, awareness of pain/emotions/feelings, you are being aware of them, not on with the pain – never one with it,

Also, Pinterest is full of good protection magick, just search for it. There are chants, spells, crystal you can use, or sigils to do.

I won’t post the pins here since they belong to other people, and I can only post copyright-free pictures, however a short search will get you every information you need.

Although not especially protection-oriented, my Beginner Witchcraft Course is for sale on my blog, so click here to check it out. It does mention plants and crystals that are good for protection, though.