How to manifest a third party to go away.

It’s quite easy, actually, you have to believe it and persist every day by affirming (affirming even once by believing it can be enough – don’t think that you have to do it 40 times a day, once and good is enough)

Start writing down affirmations, first about the specific person and then how the third party went away and they are free to come love you.

I don’t want you to do this unless you believe your SP is in a bad situation and they truly want to be with you but can’t.

Start by changing yoir self concept and affirming that your SP loves you and only you, how much they want to be with you and how they are free to do so and no matter how hard it would be they would still do anything in their power to be with you.

Basically just think about what your ideal situation would be, and affirm it. Third party – gone, doesn’t care about you and them. Your SP – moved in with you, about to be married with you. Their kids? Love you and stay with you. The third party? Completely agrees. Etc.

Whatever the specifics are, affirm the ideal situation and make it FEEL GOOD.

Then persist no matter the circumstances and what shows up, by continuing to read and affirm daily with total belief, and in due time they will be with you.

Take care that you are stable and always do what feels great to you, and be independent no matter if they show up or not, be complete by yourself and love yourself first. And then they will just slide into your life, if you are complete and believe you two are rogether and nothing can stop you.

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