Black Magic: How to not be affected by it.

Fotografie de kelvin octa pe

Dark magic can turn your life around and affect you without you even realizing, but there is one key thing that I come to time and time again that keeps all black magic (plus negative experiences) away. And that is alignment.

When you feel attacked, you usually feel distress or physical pain, so the question to ask yourself constantly while being under attack is: how can I feel better right now?

Feeling great (aka having a high vibration/being in alignment) makes all negativity fall off you like you’re made out of coconut oil <3. If feeling good means sleeping, or relaxing, or dancing/moving the body or (can be super helpful) swearing as badly as you can at the attacker, sending the negative energy back.

Ignoring the attack completely and focusing on higher, more positive thoughts will also help. The more attention you give it, the more it affects you. So just don’t give it attention, know that you are safe in the LIGHT OF GOD.

Also, don’t attach to what it makes you feel, you are Light, awareness of pain/emotions/feelings, you are being aware of them, not on with the pain – never one with it,

Also, Pinterest is full of good protection magick, just search for it. There are chants, spells, crystal you can use, or sigils to do.

I won’t post the pins here since they belong to other people, and I can only post copyright-free pictures, however a short search will get you every information you need.

Although not especially protection-oriented, my Beginner Witchcraft Course is for sale on my blog, so click here to check it out. It does mention plants and crystals that are good for protection, though.

#DayInTheLife of a Personal Development Coach

Pheeew! Morning has come!

Last night I haven’t slept. I’m a night owl and a huge coffee drinker, so sometimes unslept nights are to be expected. But what I loved was seeing this beautiful morning with autumn leaves, and sunny, warm, colorful…everything! This is what I see from my bedroom window.

Since I haven’t eaten in more than 12 hours, I decided to visit my dad at his self-owned business, a homey, beautiful, fast-food in Bucharest, Romania. I couldn’t believe how beautiful these leaves were. And you guys, I totally manifested this weather. It used to be incredibly gloomy and it felt like the entire autumn would be this way, but at some point I reminded myself that I create my reality and just decided that it’s gonna be sunny outside and a lot of beautiful fallen leaves (which with the kind of pouring rains and dark, almost empty trees we had here, I didn’t even know where the leaves would come from, but they did).

I talked to my twin flame all the way to my dad’s fast food. By the way, I have a twin soul, and I’ll share more in a future article, but anyways, that is something I am truly grateful for, along with the beautiful weather, my beautiful Twin, whom I always have near and has never left me.

I arrived at my dad’s place, and he immediately made me coffee and I drank it with a bit of milk and no sugar, and a cigarette. If you still believe cigarettes are harmful, please read this article of mine, I explain why I believe it is all in what we believe about it.

Anyways, after I drank my coffee, my dad, amongst preparing other things for the business (it was 10 AM so they were hard at work – him and his lovely girlfriend), had made me a sandwich. I shouldn’t be eating this stuff but I accepted it whole-heartedly because I hadn’t eaten in 12 hours and I have nothing else at home anyways.

Just look at this thing! It probably took me a whole minute to devour it. Greek pita bread, a big meatball split in half, a small sausage, some fries and some sauce. Challenge accepted!

I am now back home, and I would photograph myself in bed writing this article on my laptop, but honestly – my bedroom has gone through a storm this season, nothing to see here I promise.

It’s 3 PM now and at 5 PM I’m supposed to meet my mom and my brother and go to church together.

I’m not religious at all, my mom and brother are, however a few orthodox Romanian prayers have helped me out very much in dealing with negative entities, and I believe in Angels and God – although a different perspective, but I’ll take whatever feels good and helps, even if it’s a small dose of Friday afternoon church-going. Tee-hee!

I don’t judge or think poorly of anyone, of any religion, and I accept the right of every person to have their own faith, even if they believe in dragons, fairies and unicorns, like me sometimes (By the way check out my beginner witchcraft course of white magic I wrote 2 years ago. It’s basically 99pages of plant properties and crystals, affirmations for each moon phase, chakras, color magic, spirit animals and what they mean, and things like that. Oh and fairies, elves and unicorns, too!)

But enough about that. I’m off to pour myself another big cup of coffee so I can make it ALIVE until tonight and not fall asleep at church haha. That was my day up until now, but I will do more #dayinthelife type posts in the future.

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Off to make that homemade cup of coffee now for cheap ’cause I already have it, but by grinding coffee beans first, of course!

Much love ❤