Christmas is coming! (Inspiration)

We’re 1.5 months away from Christmas. People are already doing their Christmas shopping, pinning and thinking about it.

In my family, we are already listening to Christmas carols.

This Christmas, I’m making gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, milk and cookies and a lot of delicious treats.

I’m also hoping to see my twin flame this Christmas, and be together by then. We’ve been working very hard on Union, and on cleaning our souls in order to be together and he’s been in the front line, fighting that evil witch of a wife, so I’m hoping he can clean his life and have us be together.

It all depends on him now.

I’m really hoping this Christmas is better than any other one before, no matter the situation in the world right now. It’s in the attitude we have and what we believe is real for us.

Here is my Christmas board on Pinterest, although I have most of my best images in my board called “Vision Board”

And here are some beautiful Christmas songs to brighten your day:

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? What do you have planned?

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